LVI Campaign Update

Modify your targeting, campaigns, messages, or functions in your LVI user account.

You can modify your maximum segmentation every 3 months, and it is ideal to make changes as infrequently as possible. This way, you will give enough time for the LinkedIn algorithm to impact your campaigns, and for people to respond to your messages.

The campaigns that work best are those where you do not modify your target audience and they remain unchanged for at least 6 months.

If you wish to see how your current sequence is composed, you can view the messages in your conversation history or create a new ticket.
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  • The recommended sequence consists of 1 initial message, 3 follow-ups at intervals of 3 business days to keep the contact warm without falling into spam, and a closing message leaving your information and that of the company in case the person has not responded throughout the sequence.
  • Messages are sent only if the person does not respond, so you don't have to follow up manually. If the person responds, the sequence is interrupted, and you must respond manually.
  • This sequence and the templates you can see below each field have been tested for over 8 years with more than 5000 users and yield response rates up to 4 times higher than if you don't use them and do the manual work.
  • If you don't want to send a message, leave the field blank or enter "Do Not Send".
  • You can use [Name] wherever you want LVI to include the person's name.
  • Keep in mind that not following the recommendations could significantly decrease your user's performance.

Focus on building empathy with a compliment, briefly mention what you do (one line), and most importantly, request contact information in the form of a question. It's crucial not to exceed 300 characters for a higher-than-average response rate.


[Name], how are you? I saw your profile and found it interesting. I'm reaching out to offer you a Free Trial of LVI, the tool that provides emails and phone numbers of Directors, Managers, and Purchase Decision Makers directly to your Linkedin inbox. What email can I reach you at?

Example: "Thank you for accepting my invitation. What phone number or email can I reach you at?"

Always try to talk about what your clients have achieved and not about yourself. Make a brief description of the product/service to be offered, preferably in bullet points, emphasizing the main advantages and benefits obtained by companies you have already worked with.

For example:

[Name], let me tell you a little more about what it's about so you have an idea:

  • We specialize in...
  • Our main service is...
  • The company [X] achieved [achievement] in [time] thanks to [name of your service],
  • Company [Y] was able to achieve [achievement] by implementing [name of your service],
  • [Z], a company in the [industry], achieved [achievement] using [name of your service].

Do you think we could schedule a call for this week? What phone number or email can I contact you at to coordinate?

You can link to an explanatory video on Youtube (ideally, a maximum of 60 seconds), a specific page within your website detailing your offerings, or a link to a brief document (ideally, no more than one page) formatted as a service sheet. Nowadays, no one has time to read a 10-page PowerPoint presentation.


Hello [Name], I've sent you several messages but haven't received a response. Is everything okay?

Perhaps a video would be more practical. Here, you can see what we do and why I think it could benefit you in less than 60 seconds:

[Embedded YouTube video link]

Shall we schedule a call for no more than 20 minutes this week?

Remember that the fact that someone shows no interest today doesn't mean they can't do so in the next quarter. Always make sure to be polite and leave the door open for potential future business, but don't hesitate to express surprise at the lack of interaction.


[Name], I apologize for the persistence, I was surprised not to receive any response even after you accepted my invitation, where I explained the purpose of the contact. I assume your priorities may have changed, or perhaps it's not a good time to talk.

Would it be okay if we reconnect in a few months? ⁣

⁣Here is a summary of what I have sent you:

[link to a specific web page describing the offered product/service]⁣

⁣Feel free to contact me anytime⁣.

⁣[Full Name]⁣



The person will receive a notification that you have recommended their post, which will increase the response rate and give greater visibility to your profile.
You must be an administrator of the Company Page on LinkedIn to use this option
Your company page URL is[company name]
Please check this option if you have any of the Premium versions of LinkedIn.


You will be able to modify your targeting every 3 months at the most and ideally, you should modify it as little as possible. This way you will give the LinkedIn algorithm enough time for the change to impact your campaigns and for people to respond to your messages. 

The campaigns that work best are those where you do not modify your target audience and remain unchanged for at least 6 months.

Director, Manager, Head, Coordinator, or Responsible for Human Resources, HR, Talent, and Human Capital.
Director, Manager, and Head of Marketing, Marketing Manager, Marketing Coordinator, CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), President and Vice President of Marketing, Head of Marketing.
Director, Manager, and Head of Sales/Commercial, Sales Manager/ Sales Head/ Sales President, Coordinator of Sales, CCO (Chief Commercial Officer), President and Vice President of Sales, Head of Sales/ Sales Manager.
Director, Manager, and Head of Technology, Director, Manager, and Head of IT, Technology Manager, IT Manager, CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Chief IT Officer.
Any position containing the words "finances", "financial" CFO (Chief Financial Officer), or Chief Financial Officer.
Director, Manager, and Head of Product, Product Manager, Coordinator of Product, President and Vice President of Product, Head of Product.
Director, Manager, and Head of Operations, Operations Manager, Coordinator of Operations, COO (Chief Operations Officer), President and Vice President of Operations.
Any position containing the words "purchases", "procurements" or "suppliers"
CEO, Owner, Founder, General Director, General Manager
CEO, CCO, CMO, CFO, COO, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer

You can target multiple countries at no additional cost. If you have Sales Navigator, you can also enter cities here.

Please consider the following before adding industries:

- It is recommended to segment by industries only if it is strictly necessary, as doing so significantly reduces the number of people you can contact and this will decrease your performance.

- You cannot enter any industry here. It must be 15 to 30 industries from the Official Linkedin List.

- You will always have a higher chance of success by segmenting by areas rather than by industry. The recommendation is not to segment by industries but by areas (e.g., Marketing, HR, Purchasing, etc).

If you still want to add industries, check the Linkedin Industries List and copy and paste at least 15 and up to 30 industries to apply.

Please copy and paste at least 15 and up to 30 industries from the Official Linkedin Industries List.